Jojo Bragais Directs "Papa's Boy"

WATCH: Jojo Bragais Directs Fathers’ Day Special “Papa’s Boy” with LGBT Cause as a Twist

Jojo Bragais, one of the Philippines’ premier pageant shoe creator, launched a Fathers’ Day Video Special featuring 5-6 minutes of heart-warming LGBT story.

In the world today, what we most need is inclusivity and acceptance. In the short film Jojo Bragais directed, he showed what any LGBT person feels and the contemplation embedded in such situations.

The clip also help opens our eyes about the anxiety in telling something that many people does not accept yet. What goes inside the mind of someone scared of discrimination from the world and worse, rejection from their loved one.

And that, through love – there is understanding and how father’s love brings hope.

Watch how the Bragais heels played its part in getting the message across to the audience.

This is Jojo Bragais’ first take in directing – he also handpicked the cast. Here is the full video of “Papa’s Boy”

Jojo Bragais was known for creating innovative footwear, most specialized for beauty pageant.

Get to know him more! Here’s a special on how his shoe business became a hit!

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