Kagandahang Flores celebrates their silver anniversary in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. Still, the beauty camp has been successful in honing world class Filipinas representing the Philippines internationally.

Happy Silver Anniversary, Kagandahang Flores! Philippine Beauty Camp Celebrates 25 Years Honing World Class Queens

Miss Earth Philippines
2001: Carlene Aguilar (Miss Philippines Earth)
2001: Maria Carmen Antigua (Miss Philippines Air)
2001: Anjelly Gamboa (Miss Philippines Water)
2004: Tamera Marie Szijarto (Miss Philippines Earth)
2004: Shiela Alonzo (Miss Philippines Fire)
2008: Karla Paula Henry (Miss Philippines Earth)
2008: Alexandra Albert (Top 15)
2009: Sandra Seifert (Miss Philippines Earth)
2009: Grezilda Ennis Adelantar (Miss PAGCOR/Eco-Tourism)
2009: Patricia Tumulak (Miss Philippines Fire/Science & Technology)
2009: Monique Teruelle Manuel (Runner-up)
2009: Kirstie Babor (Runner-up)
2009: Vanessa Johnson (Runner-up)
2010: Kris Psyche Resus (Miss Philippines Earth)
2010: Hannah Marie Landan (Miss Philippines Fire)
2010: Emmerie Dale Cunanan (Miss Philippines Water)
2010: Sian Elizabeth Maynard (Runner-up)
2010: Edan Dailmoto (Runner-up)
2010: Brenna Gamboa (Runner-up)
2011: Athena Imperial (Miss Philippines Earth)
2011: Jonavi Quiray (Miss Philippines Air)
2011: Muriel Orais (Miss Philippines Water)
2011: Michelle Gavaghan (Miss Philippines Fire)
2011: Denise Toribuo (Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism)
2012: Stephany Stefanowitz (Miss Philippines Earth)
2012: Samantha Purvor (Miss Philippines Water)
2012: Thoreen Halvorsen (Miss Philippines Fire)
2012: Roxanne Corluy (Runner-up)
2012: Jaydi Dilidili (Runner-up)
2012: Kathleen Subijano (Runner-up)
2013: Angelee Claudett Delos Reyes (Miss Philippines Earth)
2013: Kimverlyn Suiza (Miss Philippines Air)
2013: Nancy Leonard (Miss Philippines Water)
2013: Alma Casabal (Miss Philippines Fire)
2013: Bernadette Aguirre (Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism)
2016: Imelda Schweighart (Miss Philippines Earth)

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