Redemption for Marianne "Maan" Marquez in #BbPilipinas2019 Top 15 Q&A

Marianne Marquez drew flak from pageant analysts and spectators after she bombed her Free Speak performance. Due to nerves, she was unable to complete her thoughts.
Many dismissed her prior to the pageant and pointed out that she will not make the Top 25.
But, still, she did! One of the sweetest contestants in the pool, it was reported that Maan Marquez is one of the nicest ladies (attitude is everything) and inarguably one of the prettiest. She probably performed excellently in other parts of the competition – especially the close-door interview that got her through.
Then, in the pageant night, she was in her best self – stunning swimsuit and evening gown performance propelled her to the Top 15.
During the Top 15 Q&A round, this is what she answered to the question:
Moragas: “Last year, Spain sent the first ever transgender woman to the Miss Universe pageant. Do you think the Philippines should welcome and allow a transgender woman to a pageant like this one?”
Marquez: “I think the Philippines should definitely welcome transgender women because it shows inclusivity and that we are just as beautiful as the women around us and it shows that we are ready for change and we are ready for equality. Thank you.”
She stressed about gender equality and LGBTQ rights in one statement. Had she performed better than the Top 8 in the other rounds, Maan Marquez might have gotten a crown, too with that terrific answer!

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