Binibining Pilipinas' Facebook Page Reaches 1 Million Likes!

Binibining Pilipinas is a traditional brand. Most of its rules and selection process are products of long-standing tradition within the organization.
Despite its affection towards tradition, Binibining Pilipinas has evolved throughout the years. What was once a very intimate selection of candidates has evolved into a social scene awaited by supporters and family members.

Being a ‘Binibini” after all is a privilege for the few who is called and selected. Gone are the days when there is limited love for an event that is oft considered an event for the bakya crowd. Elevating the perception of public towards pageant has always been the greatest achievement of Binibining Pilipinas.
The world sees these ladies as women who are capable to wield the power of their voice as opposed to just being puppets to add aesthetics to events and brand sponsors.

Today, Binibining Pilipinas reached another heights: 1,000,000 Facebook users are now following the page. This is evidence enough to prove how far the pageant has come as a brand, as an organization and as an extended family.

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