Catriona Gray wears Mak Tumang's Sampaguita Inspired Filipiniana

After winning Miss Universe 2018 last December 18, 2018, Catriona Gray was welcomed by her fellowmen last February 21, 2018. As part of her homecomint event, she wore a national Flower Inspired Filipiniana.
SAMPAGUITA: A Promise Fulfilled
The Sampaguita; also known as Philippine Jasmine, is the national flower of our beautiful country – the Philippines. Legend has it that its etymology was derived from the Filipino words “sumpa kita” which mean ‘I promise you.’ This ornamental flower is an inherent part of our landscape since time immemorial.

Interestingly, this flower has a lot to do with the concept of ‘Coming Home’. You know you are home when its distinct sweet and aromatic fragrance tickles your olfactory sense. Moreover, the flowers are usually slung and made into leis which are used to welcome dignitaries or are being peddled in front of churches so as to become offerings. Ergo, it is but fitting that we welcome our Queen with Sampaguitas adorned with Anahaw – our national leaf. Catriona will wear this Philippine Terno which is a “Callado” (similar to Piña Barong) embroidered gown with stylized Panuelo and Mariposa sleeves.

The Qrown Philippines welcomes Catriona home! Thank you so much for the fulfillment of a promise which is making the Filipino people proud! Mabuhay ka, Miss Universe 2018.

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