Katarina Rodriguez and Her Miss Intercontinental 2017 Journey

Last year, many thought Katarina Rodriguez would finally win the Miss Intercontinental crown. A crown that many other Filipinas have tried to achieve.
It was the same feeling we had when Kris Tiffany Janson went on to compete. Unfortunately, she was just second best in Asia and won only 2nd runner-up.
Then came, Christi Lynn McGarry, who got closer to the crown as 1st runner-up.

Last year, Katarina Rodriguez repeated that feat – we all knew she won, but she only bagged first runner-up. Let’s revisit her Miss Intercontinental 2017 overall performance here:

Tonight, we have sent a strong Filipina to try and take the crown and the competition is being held here in the Philippines! Will Karen Gallman finally take the crown this year? Let’s all find out!

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