FEATURE: The Beauty of Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray Through Artworks

Filipinos are known to be artistic in all aspects such as in sports, in talents and even in the artistic way of portraying the image of a public figure through the talents in drawing. Where some of the look part of this is natural with their craftsmanship, much more of it for an artists have the artistic growth and re-invention when we talk about their talents. Sometimes we expect this from the music business, show business and other aspects but I think their influence is healthy for all creative types and especially those that do call themselves artists.
The word artist is a broad swath that so conveniently seems to cover a person with a paint set, to imaginative visual and audible geniuses. It’s the later of these two which really give us something meaty, something of real substance to chew on and follow.
When someone has become an artist, he or she becomes a free creative spirit with not only having the ability to go to new places, it’s sort of his or her responsibility to explore the outer fringes of them. Try to think of being a race car driver getting comfortable with one speed and never testing yourself to gain the extra tenth of a second in a corner to become faster. Fast enough, isn’t even in a racer’s DNA any more than having an artist saying they are creative enough. But for that racer, faster is deeply rooted, and for artists, deeply exploring their creativity by re-invention should be too.
Below are atworks from these Filipino people:

Artist: Andre Manguba
Artist: David Brianne Maalihan
Artist: David Brianne Maalihan
Artist: Myriel Athena dela Victoria
Artist: RJ Rey Burlat
Artist: Marion Pasia
Artist: Randy Brul
Artists would be flattered when their works are being recognized by many that is why in Show business, series of awards are being given and presented to these deserving artists who in one way or another contributed a lot especially in the entertainment industry. This includes the likes of Emmy Awards, Grammy, Oscars and more. Through this recognition, many opportunities were opened and have been offered to these artists and change their lives into the best version compared to the previous years.
In this case, The Qrown Philippines would like to recognize the efforts of these artists who made an artwork for the 4th Filipina Miss Universe, Catriona Gray. Through this post, we hope that more opportunities are given towards these deserving talents from our fellowmen.

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