Twins Separated by War Competes Against Each Other at Miss Intercontinental 2018

Beauty pageant has always been an avenue for the girls in every nation to market themselves in the future investments such as business, print ads, modelling careers and show business. In fact they use pageantry as a step to a bigger lime light after their competition. This, for them attracts opportunities that would provide them stability on their jobs.
But in the case of these twin sisters, it is a place for them to reunite and to compete each other representing two nations. Who would have thought that Miss Intercontinental would serve as the rendezvous of the long lost twins to find each other and share a special moment together. This is a history in the making as it is, for the first time, an international pageant accepted two candidates of two nations who happened to be identical twins.

(L-R): Miss Intercontinental Kosovo, Arjanita Peci and Miss Intercontinental Albania, Arvanita Peci
Meet Miss Kosovo, Arjanita Peci and Miss Albania, Arvanita Peci who are identical twins who got separated when they were just infants due to the war that terrorized the country of Kosovo. As seen on their profiles at the pageant’s website, Miss Intercontinental Albania, 20-year-old Arvanita said that it is a great honor for her to represent her country Albania at Miss Intercontinental because she is very proud to be Albanian.
“Moreover it is very special for me because my twin sister is also one of the contestants in Manila. She will represent Kosovo. So I am really happy and excited to meet all the beautiful girls and to make such an amazing experience in my life,” she added.
Twin sisters, Miss Albania and Miss Kosovo for Miss Intercontinental 2018
On the other hand, Miss Intercontinental Kosovo Arjanita Peci shared that a month after she was born in Kosovo, her family left the country because of the war.
“It was a hard year for my family, because we had to start from zero. Today we are living satisfied in Germany,” she said.
Miss Kosovo is working as a judicial clerk. She helps people to fight for their rights. In her free time she likes to read and to dance.
Arjanita echoed her sister’s sentiments as she expressed pride in representing Kosovo in the international pageant.
“I am very happy and proud to be Miss Intercontinental Kosovo and to represent my country in Manila. It’s very special for me because my twin sister will also take part at Miss Intercontinental. She is Miss Intercontinental Albania,” she said.
According to her, everything started when her brother registered her and her twin sister Arvanita at the first miss election in their home city.
Miss Intercontinental 2018 will be on January 26, 2019 at Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines.

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