Karen Gallman to Wear an Evening Gown Inspired from Bohol's Tourist Destinations

The road towards the 47th Miss Intercontinental pageant has officially began where our representative, Karen Gallman is ready to get our first Intercontinental crown.
The fans were also excited for Karen’s wardrobe especially on her national costume and evening gowns that she will wear on the pageant where we all know that the costume designed by Patrick Isorena will be inspired from the Moriones Festival of the Marinduque province and the famous mythological bird, the Sarimanok.
But last January 7; one of Karen’s Evening Gown designer, Benj Leguiab, gave a sneak peek on the gown that she will wear for the Long Gown Competition which will be held on January 16 at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila in Paranaque City.

Image Courtesy: Instagram Stories | @benjleguiab_iv
In the photo above, we can see a silver stripes lining where according to the designer; it was inspired from the Loboc River and Camugao Falls of Bohol which is Karen’s home province.
According to our research, the Loboc River and Camugao Falls are the two of the famous tourist destinations of the province. The river is located in the municipality of Loboc where you can have a cruise that features a scenic trip upriver to Busay falls, or to various points in the river where visitors and tourists can enjoy buffets, cultural presentations, firefly watching, birding and even paddleboard yoga.
(Upper Photo): Loboc River
(Lower Photo): Camugao Falls
On the other hand, the Camugao falls which is located on the municipality of Balilihan, is named as the Hidden Gem of the municipality because of its beautiful backdrop of green and lush vegetation with other tropical plants. Its water cascades into a basin forming a natural pool where tourists can bathe and refresh themselves. But first, the people should go through a very slippery, mossy and rocky trail which is a challenge for trekkers and climbers.
Karen’s other designer, Patricia Santos, will design her final evening gown if ever she will reach the Top 5.

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