FEATURE: The Official Playlist of the Miss Universe Pageant

If you are a die hard fanatic of the Miss Universe pageant since the early 90’s, you will be reminded of certain feelings such as excitement whenever songs used in the previous editions of the pageant randomly played out of nowhere.
Say for instance, Gloria Estefan’s “Party Time”, which opened the Miss Universe 1997 pageant in Miami, Florida which is a very festive mood, suddenly played in the middle of the stressful Manila traffic and then it instantly brought your mind, heart and soul back to that year. Starting with how the girls moved from one side of the X-shaped stage to the other side, on how they snapped their fingers and raised their hands in universal motion, these make you feel like you are being brought in Miami Beach in Florida to watch and enjoy the show all over again.
It was then when the writers made effort to search for playlists online which might also include other tracks that were used in the previous editions of the Miss Universe pageant. The researcher have not found anything but not until he searched deeply online and be thankful for the music streaming app, Spotify, that fans can actually put together all of the songs in one playlist. It was in 2014 when the writer saw this compilation of songs in one playlist named “Miss Universe Playlist – The Ultimate Soundtrack” which was created by Ira Lawrence Dacanay who for sure an avid fan of Miss Universe.
In an interview with the creator of this playlist, he said that while he is on the process of searching and adding those tunes in a playlist, he thought why would he not specifically arrange it by year and particularly in sequence per year in descending order with the most recent edition on top of the playlist. For example, songs from the year 2018 are currently the first tracks in the line up depending on which came first from the start of the show until the end; followed by 2017 and so on. So he figured out, ehy not include those songs which were also featured in certain video segments where the girls used the sponsors’ products or them visiting the tourist destinations of the host country etcetera.
“At this moment, the oldest edition with an entry in the playlist is the year 1994 (where the pageant was held in our country) but I also want to put more hits from the older years like the one in the 80’s where the ‘Little Sisters’ would sing some chart topping songs while the semifinalists walked in their elegant evening gowns.” Said the playlist creator.
So far, the project is in the works and this playlist will once again be updated to suit the sounds of our Miss Universe loving hearts and soul.
What is your favorite song from the present and previous editions of the Miss Universe pageant?

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