After Catriona Gray: The Future of the Miss Universe PH Franchise

Rumors fueled by the judging of Richelle Singson at the 2018 Miss Universe are spreading in the internet like wildfire.

Major personalities from the BPCI board flew to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s usually just Franchise owner Stella Marquez-Araneta but this time she is joined by husband George Araneta and Betsy Westendorp. Aside from supporting the strong chance of Catriona Gray, did Mrs. Araneta bring her board for another purpose?

Today, November 19, the Luis Chavit-Singson group will be flying Catriona Gray to Manila for a special meet-and-greet with invited press at a private lounge in the NAIA complex. While we are not yet privy to the schedule, we might be in for an announcement.

Catriona Gray will be arriving via a chartered plane by the LCS group today at 3 pm. Whatever the future holds for the Miss Universe Philippines franchise, the Philippines will celebrate first Gray’s victory as Miss Universe! 👑

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