Miss Mexico Vanessa De Leon Wins Miss World 2018

Outspoken Miss Mexico Vanessa De Leon wins Miss World 2018. For Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez, a Mexico win is deja vu.
Miss De Leon made the Top 20 through the Head-to-head Challenge.
Miss Intercontinental 2017 is also Mexico.
Looks like this year is a rebirth for Latin American countries. After Mexico winning Miss World. Miss Supranational is Puerto Rico. Miss International is Venezuela. Miss Grand International is Paraguay.
What a Runner-Up Win Meant for Thailand
With the 2018 Miss Universe in Thailand, a win by Miss Thailand Nicolene Limsnukan in Miss World meant that the pageant will go head-to-head in terms of social media mileage with Miss Universe.
Picture a homecoming of Miss Limsnukan in Bangkok while the 2018 Miss Universe is being held. This will put the pageants toe-to-toe with each other in the same venue.
Thai fanatics will begin to recognize Miss World.
Miss World 2018: Miss Mexico Vanessa Ponce De Leon
1st Runner-up: Miss Thailand

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