Despite Sabotage, Miss Philippines Jehza Huelar Completed Evening Gown Performance

The show must go on. Miss Philippines Jehza Huelar knew this. She sashayed through the Miss Supranational 2018 Evening Gown Competition as if nothing happened backstage.

Unfortunately, something did happen backstage. Someone broke the zipper of Huelar’s Kannah Besino-Simbulan gown and is beyond immediate repair.

The gown was fine when she wore it for the dress rehearsals preceding the show. Huelar has to seek help to tie the fabrics together using safety pin just so she could go on with the show.

Huelar was unable to perform her poses that her mentor Carlos Buendia Jr. helped her put together. Thia is to prevent further damage to the gown that limited her mobility.

Huelar went on to be part of Miss Supranational Top 10. 👑

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