Tamaryn Green Clarifies "New Format" as Miss South Africa Format

Since the 2015 edition, Miss Universe has been changing format to keep the delegates on the edge of their seats.
In 2015, they re-introduced the Top 3 for an overall cut of 15-10-5-3 where 15 delegates competed at the swimwear competition, 10 delegates competed at the evening gown competition and 5 delegates get to answer in the first round of question-and-answer. The last three women standing answered the final question and competed at the Final Look.
Pia Wurtzbach won that contest.
In 2016, the competition got even more cut-throat. Instead of Top 15, they only allowed Top 13 to proceed to the semifinals. The last of which was determined via a fan vote. The overall cut was 13-9-6-3.
Miss Philippines Maxine Medina made it to Top 6.
In 2017, they introduced a more continental format where four girls were taken from each continents (Asia-Africa, Europe, Americas) and another four wildcard delegates where Miss Philippines belonged. The overall format was 16-10-5-3.
Rachel Peters sashayed her way to finish at the Top 10.
Erratum: Miss Tamaryn Green rectified the pronouncement as a miscommunication. The 15-10-5-2 format follows Miss South Africa not Miss Universe.

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