Miss Philippines Katarina Remains Positive Despite Head-to-Head Loss

Miss World Philippines Katarina Rodriguez may have been unable to win the Head-to-Head Challenge, the beauty queen remains positive and ecstatic of her chances.

Rodriguez was up against Venezuela at the Head-to-Head Challenge but going beyond 90 seconds may have cost her the win.
She believes that she still has plenty of opportunity to make the Miss World Top 30.
Rodriguez asks her countrymen to continue supporting her and engaging her social media accounts.
New Voting Procedure
Miss World will have another round of voting that will begin at 7 pm this December 7 (Friday). The voting will last for 24 hours in time for the coronation on December 8.
For this round of voting, it is important for candidates to have robust support from other continents.
Voting will be on a per continent basis such that the country with the highest vote in each continent¬†will get the continent’s one vote.
Each continent gets one vote in electing the next Miss World.
In other words, aside from the seated judges who each get a vote in determing Miss World 2018, the six continents will act as six additional judges, each with a single vote.
Here’s the catch: Only the votes casted for the soon-to-be-determined Top 5 will be counted from the 24-hour voting window.
How exactly does this work?
When (not if) Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez makes the Top 5 and she scores the highest vote among the Top 5 delegates in the continental voting in Asia, Africa, Carribean and Europe for example. She will automatically get their 1 vote each to get 4 votes on top of the votes that she will get from the judges.
Voting platforms are still: (a) Miss World Website, (b) Miss World Philippines Facebook Page, (c) Mobstar and (d) Model Power Live👑

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