Miss Philippines Catriona Gray Hints on Her National Costume, Evening Gown and Future Wardrobe

In hee Instagram live, Miss Philippines Catriona Gray said that no format has been briefed to the candidate just yet.
Gray reaffirmed her support for the LGBT community in time for the World AIDS day. She talked about her advocacies including that of Young Focus which she hopes people can help by watching her music video and by downloading her song from iTunes.
The Filipina delegate also mentioned how Miss Indonesia Sonia Fergina Citra is “nothing but kind to her.” She evem shared that they have the same number of suitcases brought to Bangkok.
She also clarified that a lot of things go undocumented on photos. She has talked to Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers as well as Miss Colombia and Miss Spain.
Unfortunately, she reveals, Catriona was unable to film an episode with Gandang Gabi Vice.
Gray reveals that she has picked two colors for her swimsuit. She said she picked two. One presumably for Preliminary Competion and the other for the Final.
Her preliminary evening gown (which is different from her Finale gown) has two colors on it.
The finale gown, according to Catriona, made her cry when she saw and tried it on for the first time.
Her national costume is nothing ever worn by a Filipina before. It is heavy and have elements relating to Christmas. 👑

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