Miss Japan Goes All Filipino for Her Miss Universe Wardrobe!

Miss Japan Goes All Filipino for Her Miss Universe Wardrobe!

Miss Universe 2018 fever is on as some of the delegates have already departed from their country to go to Bangkok, Thailand where Miss Universe pageant will take place. Aside from the girls who will compete for the Title, what thrills the Pageant fans around the world is seeing all the exquisite and beautiful wardrobes of the candidates from their country’s top designers. But, can a candidate wear a full wardrobe from a designer from another country?
This year, Miss Universe Japan Yuumi Kato is set to bring a set of wardrobe made by various Filipino designers. Hiroko Mima, the current National Director, of Miss Universe Japan opted to tap Filipino designers to dress up and glam up Yuumi. During her time, Mima, who competed for Miss Universe 2008, was tasked to wear European Designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, and Valentino as per the instruction of then the national director, Ines Ligron, a French national.

Miss Japan with Miss Philippines

According to Mima, she tapped Filipino designers because they have a unique way of making an Asian delegate look Sexy and Elegant. She also realized that Luxury dresses won’t stand out in a pageant. Mima also stated that she is on a mission to bring back the edginess of every Miss Japan under her watch. The only Japan made on Yuumi’s wardrobe is her national costume.
Some of the Filipino designer she tapped are:

  • Joel Escober will make the Gown for Yuumi both for the Preliminary and Finals night.
  • Rhett Eala will provide Yuumi a gold sequinned gown and a black event dress.
  • Marv Dawson and Mara Chua also provided Neoprene dresses and jumpsuits for Yuumi.
  • KC Pusing will be responsible for Yuumi’s Pantsuit.
  • Other designers were Jun Escario and a few more Student designers from Slim’s.

We will all see these beautifully-crafted pieces as soon as Yuumi sets her foot in Thailand.

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