BREAKING: Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez Wins Group 4 Head-to-Head Challenge, Braces for Next Round!

Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez won Miss World 2018 Head-to-Head Challenge Round 1 against countries in the Group 4 where she belonged.

Rodriguez won against Misses Senegal, Equitorial Guinea, Iceland, Norway and Guyana.
She will proceed to Round 2 of Head-to-head challenge. Here she will face Miss Venezuela Veruska Ljubisavljevic
The winners were announced during the Charity Gala at Sanya, China.
For Round 2, she will have to present her Beauty with a Purpose Project. It ia not yet known how the winners will be determined. Only ten girls will cement their places as part of the Top 30 of Miss World.
We will update you should there be another round of voting.

In the mean time, congratulations Katarina! 👑👸

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