Project Become: Katarina Rodriguez Shares Her Beauty With a Purpose Project

Peace is possible but it must begin somewhere. Before being crowned as Miss World Philippines, Katarina Rodriguez has embraced her role as a peace advocate.

It all began when she was invited to represent the youth at the peacetalks between the goverment of the republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front.
As an ambassadress for peace, Katarina Rodriguez has made several trips to Marawi. A few of these trips were with his grandfather Jack Rodriguez who visited the wartorn city.
Tracing her roots in Davao, Mindanao holds a special place in the beauty queen’s heart.
In her several trips to Marawi, she has only reached Ground Zero (the place severely affected by the war) only twice.
In her video she describs the place as when where she “can feel the hate through the walls and the hate through the ground.”

When she talked to the survivors, she  shared how surprised she is listening to the hope and strength that emanates from the survivor’s voice.
Project Become is a a project founded by Katarina Rodriguez in the hopes of rebuiding Marawi by investing in their children.

Rodriguez believes that educating children to be peace heroes and become what they aspire to become. She wants to introduce to them the concept of Peace education while providing them with enough materials to build on their dreams.
By allowing the child to dream, the future is limitless. 👑

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