Catriona Gray: "My National Costume Represents Authentic Filipino Culture"

In a display of wits and mental fortitude, Catriona Gray gamely answered questions from a tough panel earning for herself five rounds of applause at least in what was broadcast Saturday night.
One of the panel members cited the lack of cultural elements at the 65th Miss Universe when it was held here in Manila. This observation echoed by many concerned cultural groups after Manila hosted the pageant early 2017.

Gray was asked by a panel member about how she plans to promote the Filipino culture to the rest of the world.
Answering this tough question, Catriona points to her national costume which she says is representative of “authentic Filipino culture.
Referring to her national costume, Gray said that she “travelled, asked questions and researched.”
In creating the gown where she collaborated with designer Jearson Demavivas and shoe designer Jojo Bragais, she knew she had to do her homework because she wanted to “step out on stage to showcase our culture in  a way that makes me one Filipino proud while another will say, ‘I never knew that about our culture’
I am thrilled for you to see it,” says the beauty queen.👑

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