Miss Philippines Jehza Huelar Retrieves Some of her Luggage

After a storied arrival at Poland that saw Miss Philippines Jehza Huelar having to borrow gowns, heels and accessories from fellow delegates just to make it in the first two days at the country, the Filipina finally retrieves five of her six luggage.

Jehza Huelar breathes a sigh of relief having retrieved five of her six luggage.
Before she can reach Krakow, Jehza had to endure three flights from the Philippines. She left Manila in a flight to London where she had a couple of hours of layover. From London, she had to fly to Warsaw. Finally, from Warsaw the beauty queen flew to Krakow, where the Miss Supranational pageant is being held.
In her Instagram post, Jehza recounted how her airlines mistakenly left her luggage in London during her short layover in the European city. She reveled that she had to humbly ask for the assistance of her fellow delegates who were kind enough to lend her pieces from their own wardrobe.
Special mention is Miss Vietnam Mihn Tu who let her wear the stunning emerald dress Jehza wore at the Miss Supranational “sashing” ceremony.
We’re excited what Jehza has in store for us!
Jehza mentioned that in her hand bag, she only had a sweater, a pair of pants, a pair of underwear, a jacket, her make-up kit and all important documents.
The Filipina beauty queen also thanked the Miss Supranational organizing committee who went out on a limb to help her retrieve her wardrobe. She specifically mentioned the Creative Director of the pageant, Andre Sleigh as well as a certain “Dorota” and “Kate”.
Huelar remained positive and even quoted a text she received from a close friend who quoted a Bible verse that talked about perseverance under trial.👑

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