Maymay Entrata Arrives in Dubai for Arab Fashion Week!

Later today, Maymay Entrata will make history as the first pure-Filipino to grace the Arab Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in the Middle East.
Entrata has arrived for the final fitting and rehearsals and walk for the show.
Entrata will be walking for Dubai-based fashion house Amato Couture at the opening of Arab Fashion Week on November 21 at 7pm at Dubai Design District.

Supported by her on-screen partner, Edward Barber flew in early to watch Entrata in this important milestone.
Fil stars Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber star at a concert at Global Village on November 23
The couple aptly named ‘MayWard’ a portmanteau of the couple’s first names ‘Maymay’ and Edward, will be performing at the Tag:Live event.
They will be performing famed song and dance numbers and will be part of a live interview. 👑

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