Osmel Sousa Considers Catriona Gray "The One to Beat"

In an interview with a Latin news media, Beauty Queen Czar and former National director of Miss Venezuela said that Catriona Gray is the one to beat in this year’s Miss Universe.

Miss Universe Philippines 2018, Catriona Gray.
He also mentioned that the Philippines is almost perfect in all senses. Mr. Sousa believed that her edge is her height, her elegance and her commercial face which he means that her beautiful face is very marketable for the organization. He also commented that the only little problem of Catriona Gray is her weight.
Aside from Philippines, he mentioned about Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers.
Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers.
Mr. Sousa compliments her beautiful face and even compared her to a barbie doll. However, he believes that her beauty is a typical blonde girl in the pageant that contradicts her square body and her short height.
He also mentioned the transgender beauty of Spain who made buz in the internet for being the first transgender to compete in Miss Universe.
Miss Universe Spain 2018, Angela Ponce.
He said that she has beautiful eyes and beautiful hair, very exotic, elegant, she possesses a lot of attitude, can speak well, and knows how to deal controversies that sorrounds her.
She made comment also for 2018 Mexicana Universal’s Andrea Toscano. Mr. Sousa said that she is beautiful but the problem is her body and weight. According to him, she has worked hard to assure him that her body is 100% ready for the competition.
Miss Universe Mexico 2018, Andrea Toscano.
Miss Ecuador 2018, Virginia Limongi for her is perfect and mentioned that he likes her. She made a comment for Colombia that she is not seeing life to her in the competition this year. Meanwhile, Mr. Sousa is quite disappointed by the bad preparatiom of Estafany Gutierrez. He did not give enough explanation as to why he felt that way. Estefany Gutierrez was last year’s winner under his management.

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