Miss Int'l First Runner-Up Ahtisa Manalo to Return to the Philippines on November 19!

After fulfilling her many duties as Miss International 2018 – First Runner-up, Ma. Ahtisa Manalo is set to come home tomorrow.
After being crowned more than a week ago, Ahtisa and her fellow Miss International court members travelled to various Japanese sights and landmarks.

Welcome home, Ahtisa Manalo! 
One of their first stop are the various Japanese government ministries which helped made the hosting possible.
They also traveled to cultural places and temples to revisit the Japanese culture before they head home.
Home of the pearls affixed on the Mikomoto crown, Mikomoto Pearl island became one of the girls’ most memorable destination. Here they were taught how to culture and harvest pearls.
They also visited sponsors including the Miss Paris branches all over Tokyo.
If you wish to see Ahtisa when she arrives, send a message to our Instagram account: @theqrownph👑

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