Bataeño Beauty Queen Stuns at Miss Asia Awards in China!

Aside from Miss World Philippines Katarina Rodriguez, another Filipina delegate is competing in China. She is Miss Asia Awards Philippines Kate Dianne Bautista.

Miss Philippines Kate Dianne Bautista is the lone delegate from the country unlike other countries who had at least two delegates.
Kate left for China last November 15 to represent the Philippines. With her impeccable styling, the Bataeño beauty queen, who only had a little over two weeks to prepare, stuns with her impeccable styling.
In the first two days of the pageant, Kate had to do multiple photoshoots wearing the Philippine sash.
Kate Bautista wearing an elegant red gown for the Sponsors’ dinner at Marriott Hotel.
Last night, she stuns with her red cut our gown at the Sponsor’s Party at the Marriott Hotel in Guangzhou, China.
Under the wings of pageant mentor John dela Vega, Kate was able to get her Chinese visa, put together a nice wardrobe, and train her walk for the pageant.
Vavavoom! Kate looking sexy in her black swimsuit.
Kate was crowned as one of the two Jewel of the Philippines Ambassadress. Among the five queens crowned by the Jewel of the Philippines organization, Kate was the first to compete while her peers are set to compete next year.
Miss Asia Awards Coronation Night is on November 22!👑

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