Ahtisa Manalo Visits Mikimoto Pearl Island

Have you ever wondered who was the first to cultivate cultured pearls that make the world-famous Mikimoto pearls? It’s none other than Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto whose statue was built to forever remember his valuable contribution in the pearl industry of Japan.

Ma. Ahtisa Manalo is lucky enough to visit the Mikimoto Pearl Island, a company which is responsible for the pearls of the Miss International crowns. Together with the other 2018 Miss International winners headed by Mariem Velazco of Venezuela, the visited the pearl island in Toba City, Mie Prefecture.

It was in 1893 where Mr. Mikimoto etched his name in history when he successfully creating the world’s first cultured pearls. Ever since, his lifelong dream of “adorning the necks of all women around the world with pearls” has lived on through Mikimoto, a company that has dedicated itself to the pursuit of beauty for over a century.

Ahtisa and her fellow winners were lucky enough to witness how oyster pearls are opened. The ladies were taught how to handle each of these pearls for harvesting.

The group also spent time with pearl divers or amasan to learn more about their profession.

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