Katarina Rodriguez dances the Pintados for Miss World

Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez presents the rich culture of the painted men and women of the Kalinga for the Dances of the World audition today.

Pintados Costume. Not yet in photo: Spear, shield and headdress
Wearing an intricately-designed Francis Libiran creation, Katarina Rodriguez hopes to represent Filipino artistry. Being an artist herself, she felt that the Filipino artistic capabilities must be brought to a larger stage for the whole world to see.
The design seeks to give justice to the ingenuity of the Kalinga tribe. Libiran’s costume boasts of a hand-embroidered, fully-embellished bodysuit accessorized with a custom-made headdress designed with feathers. The design likewise incorporates the iconic “bongol” or the native beads that symbolizes the status of the Kalinga women.
The Kalinga people and warriors expresses their tradition in body art which likewise dictates their stature.
Whang-od, last surviving tattoo artist
The costume hopes to pay homage to Whang-od, the last surviving hand-tap tattoo artist from Kalinga’s Butbut tribe. 👑

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