phuong khan nguyen

phuong khan nguyen

Kagandahang Flores Makes a Killing This Weekend

Premier beauty camp Kagandahang Flores (KF) scored another major crown to their belt. KF-trained Nguyen Phuong Khanh of Vietnam brings home the crown — the first major crown for her country.

Back-to-back for KF: Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco is KF-trained passing her crown to KF-trained Miss Vietnam

Aside from Vietnam, two other members of the elemental court are trained in the Philippines. Miss Austria, who happens to be fomer Miss Earth Philippines – Water, and Miss Mexico both trained in the Philippines under Kagandahang Flores.

Miss Philippines Celeste Cortesi, also a KF-trainee, managed to get a good Top 8 placement.

Kagandahang Flores has truly evolved into a global force for training women to beauty queens.

The three Misses Earth court members expressed their love for the beauty camp to train them to where they are today.

Two KF trainees are last two women standing for Miss Earth 2018

As if Miss Earth is not enough, the camp still has two trainees competing in their international competitions after Miss Earth.

While Reina Hispanoamericana Alyssa Muhlach wasn’t as successful, Miss Philippines Maria Rivera is Miss Trans Star International 2nd Runner-Up.

Both Muhlach and Rivera are products of Kagandahang Flores’ system.

Today, Miss Scuba Philippines Noelle Uy-Tuazon leaves for her pageant in Malaysia.

Noelle is a proud member of #KFamilia, the endearment term for delegates trained by the esteemed pageant camp. 👑

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