Ahtisa Manalo: Kylie Verzosa Copycat? We Think Not!

Ahtisa Manalo: Kylie Verzosa Copycat? We Think Not!

After seeing Ahtisa’s swimsuit with similar hue as Kylie’s, netizens were quick to point out that Ahtisa seems to be copying Kylie’s look and styling.
It’s easy to agree to this if all one sees and remember is Kylie’s swimsuit color.

Kylie Verzosa at the Swimsuit Round at Miss International

Kylie’s victory is fresh in our memory. Her captivating performances from swimsuit, evening gown and finally to her speech were so impeccable, she charmed the Japanese audience to her favor.
With her look and her advocacies, she had made such an impression to the Miss International organization that a lot of contestants were sent to look like Kylie.
Arguably, one can say that the reigning Miss International Kevin Linn was fashioned after Kylie Verzosa.
It was a formula that worked last year but a formula that likely won’t work this year especially for someone who wears the same sash Kylie did two years ago.
Thankfully, this is something that the team behind Miss Philippines Ahtisa Manalo is aware of.
They recognize that Ahtisa and Kylie has similar doll-like facial features that appeals to the Japanese judges.
This is just as far as how the similarities must be drawn. Personality-wise, Kylie is more fierce and strong, while Ahtisa is sweeter and more youthful.
Her styling team were careful to choose her look so that nothing will look like Kylie’s wardrobe in 2016.

The turquoise swimsuit that Ahtisa wore at the Miss International 2016 Preliminary Competition may appear the same especially given the blurred quality of the video of Ahtisa’s performance.
Upon closer look, it’s easy to spot that Ahtisa’s swimsuit has very different cut both at the bottom hem and at the neckline.

While Kylie sported straight hair to cover the adventurous cut of her swimsuit, Ahtisa had hers in soft curls.
Even their turns are different as they are trained by different people.
Final Look
But the crux of it all, how will Ahtisa look at the Coronation Night?
While our lips are sealed, we can assure you that she will no way look like Kylie did in 2016.
Her National Costume is a breath of fresh air and her Michael Cinco evening gown (which she has another two as emergency gowns – all Cinco’s) is a crowning gown.
There is a lot to be excited about seven days from now.
Ahtisa is no Kylie but they can both be wearers of the Mikimoto crown. 👑

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