Miss Earth and its 18 Years of Rich History (Part 2/3)

Miss Earth 2009

In 2009, the biggest injustice in Miss Earth history happened when Sandra Seifert failed to get the top plum. Seifert performed perfectly the entire night only to lose to Brazil’s Larissa Ramos. Seifert won both the major awards that night.
No one else came close to her performance, even Jessica Barboza, who was the other heavy favorite for the title.

Spain’s Alejandra Echevarria, Philippines’ Sandra Seifert, Winner from Brazil Larissa Ramos and Venezuela’s Jessica Barbosa

Miss Earth 2010

A totally stunning batch followed with standouts from Venezuela (Mariangela Bonanni), Thailand (Watsaporm Wattanakoon), Ecuador (Jennifer Pazmino) and the eventual winner, Indian godess Nicole Faria.
Throughout the competition, Nicole Faria stood out face-wise however, she was not a clear favorite. People were disappointed with her not figuring in the pre-pageant competitions.
But in the night of crowning, she was absolutely fantastic and her beauty transcended. Ecuador’s Pazmino was one of the favorites even winning the Best in Long Gown award.
Asked about:”For you, what is more important: sunrise or sunset?” Faria sealed the deal for the crown with her on-point answer: “I will obviously choose sunrise because whenever we see the sunrise, people will think about a new day filled with energy. A new day offers 24 valuable hours to do good things for ourselves and other people.”

Jennifer Pazmino from Ecuador. Nicole Faria, the winner, from India. Watsaporn Wattanakoon from Thailand and Yeidy Bosquez from Puerto Rico.
Pazmino resigned and Russia’s Victoria Shchukina assumed her spot in the elemental court.

Miss Earth 2011

In 2011, the organization was criticized for the placement of Philippines bet Athena Imperial in the elemental court. However, Olga Alava from Ecuador was the clear winner from the moment she landed in the Philippines.
While the elemental court is probably one of the most beautiful crop we’ve seen, it was not diverse (with 3 Latinas) – and the inclusion of the home girl really didn’t make it better for Miss Earth.

Venezuela’s Caroline Medina. Philippine bet Athena Imperial. Olga Alava, the winner from Ecuador. Drielly Bennetone from Brazil
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