Miss Earth and its 18 Years of Rich History (Part 2/3)

Miss Earth and its 18 Years of Rich History (Part 2/3)

Yesterday, we started our three-part series of Miss Earth and its 18 Years of Rich History and in the first part, we tackled about its beginnings and how it grew into one of the most-anticipated pageants in the world. Now, we’re going to relive the majestic years of 2006 through 2014.

Miss Earth 2006

In 2006, Canada’s Riza Santos and Venezuela’s Marianne Puglia were the top bets to win the crown. Santos failed to make the cut while fellow Filipina, Catherine Untalan made it into the Top 4. A lot of people were disappointed with the results because Untalan isn’t one of the prettiest candidates back then. However, what she lacked in the face value, she put it up even more in her intellect.
Now one of the stalwarts of Miss Earth Foundation, Untalan’s Miss Earth – Water finish this year was the only thing we can remember. They crowned a deserving Chilean (right after busting their 2005 candidate out of the Top 4, a heavy favorite back then).

Marianne Puglia, Hil Hernandez, Amruta Patki and Cathy Untalan

Hil Hernandez and India’s Amruta Patki were head-to-head throughout the competition while Venezuela’s Marianne Puglia finished fourth after the Q&A.
On her Q&A, Hernandez was asked: “What effort must the country’s government exert to stop global warming?”
“We have to educate the people on global warming. We should help them to control pollution, create global consciousness. Bigger industries are involved here. You run the economy, now it is your turn to take care of Mother Earth”. – Hil Hernández.

Miss Earth 2007

After excluding Canadian bet Santos in the previous year, Miss Earth crowned a fun and vibrant Fil-Canadian the following year. Facing top favorite Silvana Santaella from Venezuela and India’s Pooja Chitgopekar, Jessica Trisko emerged victorious in the event.
It was also the first time in years that the Philippines (Jeanne Harn) did not make the semifinalists.
Miss Tibet Earth 2006, Tsering Chungtak, the first Tibetan to represent Tibet in any major international beauty pageant, drew international attention towards the Tibetan struggle for freedom. Her participation in the pageant received approval from the Dalai Lama.

Spain’s Angela Gomez, Jessica Trisko, India’s Pooja Chitgopekar and Silvana Santaella from Venezuela.

The Q&A was very intriguing as they were asked to describe beauty of Mother Earth to a blind child. Trisko answered: “I would say that the beauty of Mother Nature smells as sweet as the sweetest rose… that the beauty of Mother Nature feels as soft as the softest leaves… and, that the beauty of Mother Nature sings like the birds in the trees.”

Miss Earth 2008

Miss Earth 2008 was the first time the pageant was held outside Manila, Philippines. It was held in Clark Expo Amphitheater, Pampanga where Filipina Karla Henry won the Miss Earth title.
It is probably one of the strongest batch of candidates with some notable Miss Earth alums Tanzania’s Miriam Odemba, Mexico’s Abigail Elizalde, Brazils Tatiane Alves, Colombia’s Mariana Rodriguez, Spain’s Adriana Reveron and Venezuela’s Daniela Torrealba in the fold.
But it was Henry’s elegance and confidence that won her the competition.

Brazil’s Tatiane Alves, Mexico’s Abigail Elizalde, Karla Henry, Tanzania’s Miriam Odemba

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