MWP Candidate 2018 , Danica Reynes, an OFW now a pageant girl

Mari Danica Reynes is an AB Communication Arts graduate at one of the biggest Universities in the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas and was one of the many people who left the country and have ventured into an opportunity to work for living and have successfully found one which she worked as an International Flight Attendant.

It is every girls dream to be a beauty queen. Wearing of fancy dresses and heels have attracted her but one thing that she believed is that Miss World Philippines has always been her calling which made her decide to join the pageant system. She felt God gave her a voice not just for singing but also to speak up on what she believes in. Ever since she was a kid, she would visit charities and sing to the people who live in a charity house that makes Danica believe that Miss World Philippines standout amongst other pageant because of it’s Beauty with a Purpose.
Music has been one of the many ways to get rid of sadness and mental stress. Danica said DEPRESSION is a mental health issue and still rampant today. She believes in the power of music because it heals pain and it is the language of love. Danica thinks this is the best way to share the talents that God gave us and use it to help others. That is why she is advocating Music as a thing to lessen the rate of depression.

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