Half Filipino-Half Thai Paulina Labayo hopes to represent Philippines in Miss World 2018

Candidates in Miss World Philippines with mixed blood is no longer new to the pageant system such as in the case of Miss World Philippines 2011 and Miss World 2011 First Princess Gwendolyn Ruais who is half French, Miss World Philippines 2013 and Miss World 2013 Megan Young who is half American and many more. This time, Half Thai, Paulina Labayo is one of the 40 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2018 who aims to get one of the crowns and be able to represent the country internationally. Paulina recently graduated at the San Beda University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Economics and Public Policy.

She joined Miss World Philippines because she believes in the vision of the organization’s Beauty With A Purpose program where girls don’t join the pageant just to strut their selves but also share that women join because they want to prove their strength and ability to handle the responsibility of being an ambassadress and a role model. This is what Paulina thinks that made the pageant different and appealing to women advocates.
Her advocacy is focused on empowering children through the use of Ballet. As a ballet teacher, she wants the children to engage where they know where they are best at regardless of social class and physical limitations. Paulina is more than willing to impart the beautiful art of ballet for a stranger and happier child.

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