Angeline Santos, LPU Engineer vies for a crown in Miss World Philippines 2018

Angeline Mae Santos is a queen under the Aces and Queens who is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the Lyceum of the Philippines University and now works as a licensed Civil Engineer at the Department of Public Works and Highways.
What made her decide to join Miss World Philippines is because of it’s Beauty with a Purpose program. She also wanted to share to everyone about the importance of gender equality, equity, and mainstreaming. With this, she believes that we can understand gender better and respect our own differences.

She is an advocate to providing low cost homes which is very related to her profession, civil engineering. Angeline’s dream project is to build low cost houses for the poor Filipinos and also for those who have been victims of calamities because she thinks that a shelter is primarily what we need to have a “home”, a home that protects us and our family.

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