MWP 2018 Candidate, Kim de Guzman, from Earth to World.

Kim de Guzman is Aces and Queens’ flag bearer for this year’s Miss Word Philippines under the second year of Arnold Vegafria’s franchise. Kim is a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication graduate at the Far Eastern University and is currently studying her Interior Design at the SOFA Design Institute. This has been a dream of Kim since she was a kid and that is to be an interior designer.

The reason why she joined Miss World Philippines is that she was moved when she partnered with a non-government organization in Zambales and that is Project Anak which happens to be her Beauty with a Purpose project. Kim shared that she was not born with a silver spoon but her heart is shouting for the spirit of volunteerism since she always wanted to help. Upon learning about the Miss World Philippines and their “Beauty with a Purpose” project, she said that this is for her and her chance to show what her real self is.
Talking about her advocacy which is Project Anak, she shared that it is a non-government organization in Zambales that helps underprivileged people to get equal education for the youth at risk, food for the malnourished and medicine for the sickly people around the Philippines and hopefully around the world if given the chance to win Miss World 2018.

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