MWP 2018 Candidate 4, is Parañaque’s Pride, Bettina Penales

Bettina Penales is 23 year-old Independent candidate from the City of Parañaque. She is currently competing in the pageant having no camps to guide her but she believes that this will not be a hindrance for her to clinch one of the crowns. Ina, most of her friends would address her is a graduate of Advertising Management at the De La Salle University in Manila and is now working as a flight attendant in one of the Airlines in the country.

She joined Miss World Philippibes because she wanted people to hear her voice and she found out that this is the place where she will have a bigger voice. Ina feels that Miss World is an organization that genuinely wants to help out those in need which is also the main goal of the pageant, Beauty with a Purpose. She added that the the organization behind this pageant is group of honest individuals and this why she would love to be part of the growing family.
Ina wants to tackle about rape culture as this is her main advocacy for this pageant. She said that there are a lot of victims whom she believed scared to speak up about their experience honestly because of the culture that most people tends follow which is the victim blaming. She wanted to educate the youth about how to stop this stigma because she is a firm believer that if we teach them to be respectful to other people’s bodies and their own, they can prevent harrassment and rape.

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