Rosantonette Mendoza competes for Face of Beauty International 2018

Rosantonette Mendoza competing in India for Face of Beauty International 2018
Former Binibini 18 Rosantonette I. Mendoza is currently competing in India for the Face of Beauty International 2018. Rosantonette used to be tall and overweight but with willful determination and discipline, she lost a lot of pounds and gained much self-esteem. Mendoza is from Mandaluyong City but considers Bacoor, Cavite her hometown. She is a graduate of BS International Relations major in International Trade at the Lyceum of the Philippines University who is also a budding entrepreneur and aspiring Diplomat.
Official Head Shot Photo for Bb. Pilipinas 2018
According to her, becoming a Binibini is initially to fulfill a childhood dream but later on realized that her intentions should be far deeper than that. She also added that Binibini is more than just a beacon of beauty. Being a Binibini or a potential Queen for that matter gives her a national platform to voice out all of her opinions into a broader audience. Th platform gives her opportunities to spark positive changes, specifically on society’s views about beauty and health. For her, it is also an arena to be a leader and a representation of a modern Filipina in relevant and intelligent conversation. In addition , she believes that beauty queens get to advance their advocacies and help encourage her fellow Filipino people to go for the things that they are passionate about. Knowing that the beauty queen is there to inspire other people, not just women, gives significance to a Binibining Pilipinas crown, her words when she was asked about her Bb. Pilipinas journey.
Official Photo for Miss Midori Clark Pageant 2018
Asked about her personal advocacy, Mendoza stated that the discussions on mental health and depression is not as common here in the Philippines compared to other countries. She point out that in the society, there is still the rampant stigma which prevents people from getting access to professional help. Adding her statement, she said that in this age of social media, cyber bullying continues to corrupt the people’s mindsets that it’s easier to get “likes” and “followers” when you spread hate and intolerance. Having experienced these challenges first hand, she planned to continue spreading optimism and acceptance and willl continue to encourage discussions about the impact and consequences of cyber bullying and depression.
Rosantonette during the announcement of Official Bb. Pilipinas Candidates
With or without a crown, she know that she will still have the drive, commitment and passion. She claimed that people must understand that a Queen is identified not by the piece of bedazzled metal on her head, but by her actions, intelligence, and eagerness to help others.” Rosantonette Mendoza recently joined Miss Midori Clark Pageant 2018 but was unplaced.
Official Swimsuit Photo of Rosantonette Mendoza taken by Mr. Raymond Saldaña
Let’s cheer her on her upcoming pageant because Face of Beauty International is set to be held on September 17, 2018 in India.

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