Ruffa Nava for Supermodel International 2018

Ruffa Nava, 25 is a native of Iloilo City, Iloilo. She considers herself as the girl who never stops dreaming that’s why she keeps on working hard to achieve her dreams. She is the third (3rd) among six (6) siblings. Her story is just like about the other girls in the competition.

Throwback to her Official Photo for Bb. Pilipinas 2017
Her childhood days were not easy. Her mother was the one who stood up for her family. She sells food in government agencies in their town to sustain their family needs which always fell short of making ends meet. On the other side, her father doesn’t work. He keeps on drinking with his friends or in short, the usual drunkard father. She even experienced asking for money and help from people she does not know just to buy rice and even eat with soy sauce and oil just to surpass the hunger her family is experiencing. She can still recall how she experienced cruelty from her father that she was asked to leave the house and had to sleep at her neighbor’s jeepney. Nava is not ashamed to tell anyone that she is only a high school graduate and she is content with that because her parents couldn’t afford to send them to college.
Throwback, Ruffa Nava competing in Miss World Philippines 2014
Back in 2013 when Ruffa was 19 years old, she started dreaming and stood up for her family. She flew to Manila and brought nothing but her dreams. Due to the hardships she have encountered, Ruffa tried joining beauty pageants. She can still remember that she took part in Miss Makati and became a Top 5 Finalist. Not bad for a first timer as what people would say. She did not receive anything from that pageant except the short fame and experience gained that night.
Official Portrait for Supermodel International 2018
In 2014, she joined Miss Word Philippines where it was won by Valerie Weigmann. She also competed against Nelda Ibe, Miss World Philippines 2014 3rd Princess and Rachel Peters, Miss World Philippines 2014 4th Princess wherein she had the chance to compete again with them at Bb. Pilipinas 2017 where she was one of the Top 25 Semifinalists. This year, lucky enough as she is set to compete in Supermodel International this coming September 14, 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand.
Official Glamour Photo for Supermodel International 2018
Official Swimsuit Photo for Supermodel International 2018

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